The science of creative storytelling

We are a unique communications agency that aligns science with creativity.

Our approach

We specialise in supporting leaders in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and animal health industries to translate scientific stories into compelling and memorable content that leaves an indelible mark on the people that matter.

We are


We work differently: At the core of our business is the alignment of science with creativity, which we believe makes us unique. We underpin this with communication and relationships, which results in a more integrated and collaborative approach.


We believe that the application of knowledge is power: Our people have the ability to use their broad experience and capability to generate novel ideas and ways of thinking.


We deliver solutions: By moving with the times, evolving, pushing boundaries and remaining fluid, we create tailored solutions to problems, so everything we do is unique.


"We believe that creating powerful stories can engage and generate lasting relationships, enabling the right people to work together and deliver optimal solutions to those who need it most"

Tom Gallagher, PhD

Our process


As experts in understanding the therapeutic area and the patient need, we get to the very core of the scientific story.


We optimally align the science with the medical and commercial objectives to formulate a robust strategic approach.


Indelible stories combine striking visuals with powerful words – our stories help you to engage and build lasting relationships.


Communication is key. It drives everything we do and makes us stand out from the crowd.


The science of creative storytelling

We've developed a short guide to the science of creative storytelling and why we believe it can make a real difference to you. Download a free copy below.